Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board Meeting December Minutes

Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board Meetings (held at Capitol Park Welcome Center, North River Road, Baton Rouge, LA):
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 1 p.m.
For any questions, please contact Tiffany Hess at thess@crt.la.gov.

Introduction of Staff and Guests:

Karen Profita, Executive Director
Lisa Manda, Assistant Executive Director
Tiffany Hess, Administrative Assistant

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne
Julie Samson, Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Scott Couvillon, Trumpet
Jordan Russo, Trumpet
Emily Sampson, Trumpet
Michael Ketchum, New Orleans Fish House
Julie Anderson Lively, Sea Grant
Julie Falgout, Sea Grant
Frank Wallace, ULL College of Business
Marisa Collins, ULL College of Business
Naim Montazeri, LSU AgCenter
Thomas Hymel, LSU Sea Grant
Damon Morris, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Bridget Cloud, Ehrhardt Group
Erin Brown, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Kim Reyher, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

I. Call to order, roll call and introduction of guests. Tiffany Hess began roll call. After
confirming a quorum was present, the meeting was called to order by Chairman Alan

II. Adopt the agenda. A motion was made by Sal Sunseri and seconded by Larry Avery to
adopt the agenda. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried

III. Approval of minutes from October 8, 2014 Meeting. The motion was made by Pete
Tortorich and was seconded by Mr. Sunseri to approve and adopt the minutes from the
October Board Meeting. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion
carried unanimously.

IV. Financial Report. Randy Davis gave an update on the financials, detailing total funding
and expenditures as of 12/1/14. He recapped for the Board expenditures to date and
the remaining BP Fund balance, which is $9,733,667.35. Mr. Davis also reported that we
are working to commit the remaining $175,000 Deepwater Horizon grant funds, which
must be committed by December 31, 2014.

The motion to adopt the financial report was made by Mr. Sunseri and seconded by
Sarah Voisin. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion carried

V. Executive Director’s Report. Karen Profita reported on the following events:
A. Panama Update. Mrs. Profita went to Panama in October and reported it was a
great experience. They are interested in shrimp, shucked oysters and bait. Chef
Aaron Burgau, the reigning King of Louisiana Seafood, attended and cooked
Louisiana seafood for an event hosted by LSPMB.
B. Walk the Hill, Washington DC Event. Mrs. Profita, Chairman Gibson and Mr.
Sunseri will attend the event in DC on January 20-23, 2015. While there, they will
promote Louisiana Oysters and Shrimp. Ms. Voisin and Peter Sclafani
commented that they plan to be in DC then as well.
C. By-Laws Update. Mrs. Profita reported that we are continuing to work with the
OLG’s office and have submitted the approved bylaws to the Division of
Administration. The deadline for the DOA hearing is December 19th and if there
are no objections, the revised by-laws will be published at the end of January.
D. Misc.
i. Mrs. Profita reported on the Letter to the Industry. After obtaining a
mailing list from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, a letter
was mailed to over 1300 companies with commercial licenses in early
December. Several responses have been received in regards to e-splash
sign up, truck wrap opportunities, and sponsorships at the Boston and
NRA trade shows in 2015.
ii. Mrs. Profita handed out a PR Plan giving an overview through June 30,
2015. Ehrhardt Group will submit a proposal to assist in execution of the
iii. Mrs. Profita met with Louisiana Public Broadcasting to discuss the video
they produced following the GASCO event, which aired on LPB this
month. She also mentioned work on the national release and B-Roll
footage that can be used for future marketing materials.
iv. Discussion was held about moving the February 2015 meeting date to
February 12th due to scheduling conflicts, and the board agreed. Ms. Hess
will confirm and follow up via email.

A motion to adopt the Executive Director’s Report was made by Mr. Sclafani and
seconded by Mr. Sunseri. There being no discussion or public comment, the motion
carried unanimously.

VI. Old Business
A. Festival Grant Update. Ms. Hess gave the following update: the legal team is
reviewing the grant guidelines, application and agreement and should have it
back to us after Christmas. As soon as the documents have been approved, all
materials will be posted on the website and the board will be advised of when
this occurs.

B. Regional Marketing Campaign Update
i. Scott Couvillon, Trumpet, gave an update on the new site and presented
a dashboard of performance to date. To date, the site has had over
58,000 visitors and most views were on recipes.
ii. Trumpet is also working to roll out holiday digital banners and they
shared a draft of a video they produced highlighting Louisiana Seafood.

VII. New Business
A. Lieutenant Governor, Jay Dardenne, thanked all board members for their years
of service, and noted the five members whose terms are expiring at the end of
this year. Lieutenant Governor Dardenne also announced the resignation of
board member Chef John Folse due to time obligations to his business. He
reported that 2015 is the “Year of Food” for the Department Tourism, and
LSPMB will be working closely with Tourism on events, cross promotion and
B. Scott Couvillon with Trumpet gave a presentation on the B2B Campaign and
discussed new images being used for retailers. Several board members
expressed concerns about the negative look and quality of the oyster picture
presented, and after lengthy discussion, it was decided that Trumpet will
schedule a photo shoot for new pictures of all 6 species. Trumpet will work
directly with the industry to get fresh Louisiana seafood for the shoot. Mr. Davis
commented that he understood the concerns of the board, and values feedback.
Mr. Couvillon also discussed the launch of the new buy.louisianaseafood.com
site in mid-January. This site will also have a performance dashboard to monitor
site visits and will be shared with the board. Trumpet is working with LSPMB to
update the pos.louisianaseafood.com site as well. The new
sell.louisianaseafood.com site will be launched sometime in the 1st Quarter of
C. Misc.
i. LSPMB social media presence was also discussed. The board raised
questions about the services Miles Media provides, including monitoring
comments, and Mr. Avery asked to have them present at the next board
meeting. Ms. Hess will schedule and confirm with the board.
ii. Mrs. Profita discussed having the Louisiana Seafood wrapped truck drive
around during the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, at no fee, per the truck
company. The board unanimously agreed that this would be a good way
to use the truck

The motion was made by Mr. Sunseri and seconded by Sherbin Collette to accept and
adopt the B2B plan as presented, noting the change in the oyster picture. There being
no discussion or public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

The motion was made by Mr. Sunseri and Ms. Voisin to accept and adopt the B2B plan
as presented, provided the oyster picture be changed. There being no discussion or
public comment, the motion carried unanimously.

VIII. Public Comment.
A. Guests Frank Wallace and Marisa Collins from ULL, College of Business, gave a
presentation on the ULL Louisiana Business Challenge, and discussed
opportunities for individuals and companies to get involved with the Challenge.
They are also accepting donations of promo items (shirts, gifts, decorations) for
30 students and teachers combined. Mrs. Profita asked the board to consider
donating items from their respective industries and noted that we will collect
items at the February 2015 board meeting.
B. Thomas Hymel with LSU Sea Grant announced the Fisheries Forward Summit
held March 11, 2015 in Houma, LA and invited everyone to attend.

A motion was made by Mr. Sunseri and seconded by Mr. Collette to add ULL
Presentation to the Agenda, and there being no public discussion or comment, the
motion carried unanimously.

IX. Adjourn. Mr. Sunseri made a motion to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Ms.
Voisin. There being no public discussion or comment, the motion carried unanimously