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Louisiana Seafood News
Louisiana Seafood News

The History and Culture of a Louisiana Backyard Boil

By Gail Monaghan at the Wall Street Journal

On a given spring or summer weekend, many Louisiana residents will head to the backyard and turn on the propane under a seafood-stuffed pot instead of firing up a grill. The seafood boil has moved beyond tradition to become part and parcel of our fair weather schedules. 

For the rest of the country, however, the boil remains an exotic Louisiana custom. In this Wall Street Journal story, an out-of-towner recounts her experience with a true Louisiana seafood boil while outlining some of the history and culture that surround this beloved culinary experience. 

When there’s cause for celebration, keep it simple and sociable, bayou-style, with a steaming pot of spicy shellfish. This recipe for Cajun seafood boil is an easy and festive way to feed a crowd.

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